Curving the pivot…

If “Flattening the Curve” became the buzz expression word during the pandemic, “pivoting your business” was a close second. 

Over the last few months, businesses have taken a bit of a risk to shift and adapt during the lockdown period. There was a coffee shop that extended their business to become a grocer and an exhibition stand manufacturer faced with no events who quickly pivoted to create home stand up desks, then pivoted again to produce elegant free standing hand sanitiser dispenser units once a return to work was imminent.  

I’ve enjoyed watching these stories unfold and how businesses rethink their model in order to survive. It’s allowed us to be more creative and to reinvent ourselves. 

It’s really no wonder that here in Australia we’ve seen a huge spike in people creating a side hustle, registering business names and learning new skills. It really does feel like we are emerging more creative, nimble and able to cope with change.

Over the years Dynamix has helped many startups get off the ground helping with anything from branding, advertising to general business advice. So what’s your new idea? We would love to hear about it and see how we can help.