Flavour Game Changer

Flavour Game Changer

Knorr // Unilever

Being a first-to-market product, we wanted to engage chefs and create anticipation with a teaser campaign, focused around the arrival of ‘a game changer’ for their kitchen.

Teasing the numbers

85,000 video views of the teaser in 2 weeks
4,482 page visits to microsite (3,761 visitors, target of 3K)
997 Sign up on microsite (27% conversion rate)

The Path

Communication included a teaser video, eDMs, print ads, Facebook as well as a microsite that allowed chefs to sign up and be kept in the loop once the product launched. This also enabled Unilever Food Solutions to build their database.

The Drop

Revealing the product with visual & vernacular similarity to the teaser made the connection simple. We enhanced the ‘game’ aspect, through sample packs that took the form of a shoebox, bringing that ‘new kicks’ feeling.

The End Game

The campaign was a huge success! Within 4 weeks of the launch all stock was purchased. These sales exceeded forecast by double with the product ranged at over 100 distributors within 3 weeks of launch.

We’re super proud of the success of this launch. This was the first time UFS ANZ had created a teaser campaign and this became one of the benchmarks that UFS global used as a successful product launch.

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