Uber Eats

Restaurant Acquisition DM

Uber Eats

Uber Eats finds itself in a crowded territory within the online food delivery (OFD) space. Our job was to educate on the benefits and experience that Uber Eats brings to their partner restaurants and have them see past the per order fee of 30+%

In addition, DM was new to Uber Eats, so our objective was to test and learn as much as possible across two distinct market – Penetrated (OFD already operating) & Non Penetrated (No OFD operating).

We created a multi layered Direct marketing campaign underpinned by a distribution and customer life cycle strategy. This ensured the DM piece arrived in the hands of busy decision makers at the various consideration stages of joining the platform and also at a time when they could review and digest it properly.

Chef Life

Restaurants are a busy place to work and run. With such a small window to get the stakeholders attention, educate on benefits and get them to act, all proof points had to be clear and upfront. There was no hiding from our fees.

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