Jack Daniel’s On-Pack Promo

Journey to Jack's Hometown

A national on-pack promotion to drive cans into hands.

The price for a Jack & Coke 10-pack was about to jump to just over forty bucks. Competitors were offering ‘healthier’ alternatives and consumption in the category was down. So, how could Jack Daniel’s keep it’s foothold in the market? How could we make sure it was still at the barbie and in the ice at the party?

We created ‘The Journey to Jack’s Hometown’ – an On-Pack promotion driving shoppers into LMG outlets to purchase. The promotion bought mates together for the journey of a lifetime. An epic trip through the Southern states to experience the uniques stories and places that embody the essence of Jack. The idea was true to the brand and executed to perfection across the path to purchase.

Crafted to Sell

“We created an engaging suite of assets to target different levels of communication, making sure they worked well with the retailers brand.”Martin van der Steele

Bite-sized Please!

Notoriously prize communications can get pretty complicated. Segmenting the offer into simple visual spaces, with a good hierarchy, allowed for progressive digestion of the communication across static and digital applications.If you’re not thinking digital, you’re not thinking – ECD

The result set a new benchmark for promotion in the category.Mary Raymond, Shopper Marketing Manager, Jack Daniel’s

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