Richmond Valley Council

Giving an old bird new wings

Richmond Valley Council Rebranding

Richmond Valley Council came about through the merger of two very different and distinct councils – Evans Head and Casino. A logo utilising a bird that neither location felt they owned was developed, but never accepted by the residents. Our brief was to align and engage the community with an identity and brand platform everyone could be proud of.

After visiting the region, we identified the valley and river connected all towns within the municipality and should form the base of a logo. We developed a master logo for the region and as a nod to the previous councils we also developed variants of the logo that suited the specific regions, be it regional or coastal.

Design by Committee?

From a face-to-face presentation with the Mayor, to a surprise boardroom full of stakeholders, the team at Dynamix held true to our shared vision for a brave new approach. When the thinking is solid, the journey is a joy.John Walker, CEO, Richmond Valley Council

Town Signage

An adaptable visual system

By means of the triangular motif, each town was given its own colour identity. These allowed the ‘beating heart’ of each location, be it coastal, agricultural or industrial, to shine through…. and quite literally – solar-power lighting the signage up at night. A scaleable system followed for other applications.


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