Samsung – 16 Kilos


Sales Redemption Promotion

Samsung aspired to be the number one front load washing machine manufacturer in Australia up from its previous third place spot. To do so, without dropping the RRP, we developed an online sales promotion for them with an offer no one could refuse.

Buy a Samsung Front Load washing machine and get a year’s supply of Biozet washing powder for free. That’s right free, you didn’t’ even have to pay for the postage of the powder out to you.

The campaign began, with a business objective to sell 4,000 units over a 12-week period. However, at the end of the quarter, 8,500 units had been sold in turn making Samsung Front Loader washing machines number 1 in the market.

Dynamix developed all the creative, facilitated the redemption and customer communication via our online sales redemption system – Promo King. Then finally managed the fulfilment and distribution of the washing powder out to approved customers.

It all comes out in the wash

8,500 units sold
136,000 kilos of washing powder redeemed
Samsung No.1 in market

Our warehouse smelt amazing while this promotion ran.

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