Speedibake – Raised With Care

Raised with care.

Speedibake’s new sourdough range.

An authentic sourdough can’t be rushed, which is why Speedibake spent 10 years nurturing the sourdough culture for their new range.

Dynamix was engaged to create an engaging advertising core visual to excite, educate and inform café owners about the new range and justify a higher price point compared to competitors.

We created a series of advertising pieces, called “Raised with Care” and used storytelling to communicate the premium offering. Featuring a baker holding his sourdough breads in a loving way – like a parent holds a newborn baby – the communication cut through the usual clutter.

From sketch, to life…

This is the first ad campaign for Tip Top Foodservice featuring a physical baker with his products instead of a stylized food offering on a plate.

Raised with Care. Speedibake Sourdough Range.

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