Uber Eats – Cricket World Cup

Uber Eats

World Cup Cricket Campaign

Uber Eats Australia needed to leverage their International World Cup Cricket sponsorship, and to tap into consumer excitement and hype around the Australian team playing on various evenings throughout the competition.

Our campaign engaged the audience of cricket fans by utilising current stats and match information to get them to participate in our conversation. Will it rain tonight? Game on!, or Who will be our openers tonight?

Engaging the fans and building a community through the conversation of we are all up late together,  we were able to communicate a collective permission that it was alright to order a midnight snack from McDonald’s especially given the delivery was free.

The first Aussie game of the promotion was hugely successful… too successful really, as there weren’t enough drivers to fulfil the orders, forcing McDonald’s to turn off the app after only the first hour of service.

McDonald’s generally receives and fulfills 3 orders per half hour from the Uber Eats APP after 12:00am. On launching this promotion, the volume peaked at 178 orders per half hour.

Tonight I’ll be eating…

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