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World Cuisines

With diners demanding more international cuisines and dishes with cultural flavour twists, now more than ever we need to challenge chefs to be creative and give them the freedom and confidence to play in the kitchen.

We had lots of fun filming the launch video, throwing sauce and oysters across the set – but with high-speed video every take is precious …and over in seconds.

Knorr Professional is a progressive brand that challenges, yet supports chefs to be creative in the kitchen.

We developed the campaign message ‘Borders are for busting’: fusing international flavours is what’s trending now so let’s break free and experiment. Let’s not be confined to an area – have the freedom to break out and explore.

We scripted and shot a few videos, including the launch using slow motion graphics, designed and wrote the copy for a 116pp recipe book, as well as designed brochures and press ads.

There’s a world of flavour to explore.

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