The new norm

Like a lot of businesses prior to the Covid lockdown, we dabbled in working from home.

On occasion before or after an external meeting some of the team would start or finish there, but in general, we were fairly office reliant. It was an old school mindset that we could brief better face to face, you needed to be in front of the studio manager to get your job through quickly and from the creative and finished art side of our business, the files were too big to constantly be moved about.

Covid-19 proved this mindset wrong, and as a business we’ve truly grown and embraced the work from home environment. Although most of us have had to upgrade our home internet (the files haven’t gotten any smaller), we’ve tightened our processes for file saving back to our server and it works!

Our current plan is for the whole Dynamix team to work half their week from home if they choose.

Why only half the week? Well, we do enjoy each other’s company and are proud of the culture we have in our business, which we want to continue.

Who else has changed their work from home policy for the better?