Where next?

Australians are unsurprisingly nervous about the end of March, with the Covid JobKeeper and JobSeeker supplements removed from the 28th of the month.

Those who work in the gig economy will be particularly impacted, especially given live music is only just re-establishing itself for the first time in twelve months.

While the music industry is calling on the government to extend the supplements, there has been little negotiation on the topic between industry and government.

The only way to combat the end of JobKeeper and Seeker will be for businesses to be smart with their advertising investment, not stop spending altogether, but put their money in the right place.

This means investing in exposure, injecting money into advertising to generate engagement with the industry, and keep tickets selling.

At the end of December, there were 1.54 million workers collecting JobKeeper, soon there will be 0. Keep the industry alive by maintaining awareness of it.

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