Where to buy the best GWP?

A question we often get asked is whether to get an off-the-shelf GWP here in Australia or create a bespoke one offshore?

When planning, firstly ask yourself:
• How much time do I have?
• What’s my budget?
• Do I need a physical sample?
• Does off-the-shelf item truly represent my brand?
• Is it worth purchasing more for the future to bring the unit cost down?

As well as those questions, the pros and cons of onshore sourcing must also be understood.

Pros of onshore sourcing:
• Faster turn around
• It’s here in the country
• Product has been tested and accredited

Cons for onshore sourcing:
• May lack the customization you require to suit your brand
• Unlikely you will match your brand colours
• Less options
• Quantity available

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