The Non-Meat Between the Sandwich

Creating a compelling new brand for plant-based deli slices

Monde Nissin Australia invited the Dynamix team to a tasting with a difference – deli slices made from 100% plants. It was an impressive new product, but it had no name, no brand, no packaging, no feels! So we set to work on a flurry of research, competitive reviews and much vegan snacking …until Deli-licious™ came to life: An honest-to-goodness brand with good taste at its heart.

Naturally our thoughts turned to Vegans and Vegetarians. But research pointed to the growing trend of meat reduction in Australian diets, so we knew there was a bigger opportunity. We shaped the brand and its assets to engage all the foodie senses, presenting a delicious alternative even for the meat eaters. And in collaboration with MNA and Coles we achieved a category first – putting our product right next to the pre-packed deli meats (instead of in the vegetarian section). A disruptively delicious outcome.

The Insight: Vegetarians & Vegans are an easy target but only a small portion of the market. Our larger prize was meat eaters switching a meal or two a week. So, we took the product to them, placing it in the fridge right next to the pre-packed Deli meats.

“We just got word that Coles have accepted 3 of the Deli-Licious SKUs!! It’s a true testament to the quality of brand work all of us have put together.”Alim | Marketing Manager, Monde Nissin Australia

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