Instant Windscreens

Instant Windscreens

Updating a classic...and an untouchable jingle.

When it comes to windscreen repairs, there’s only a couple of names that hit the tip of the tongue. But, Instant Windscreens hadn’t promoted itself since the early 90’s. It’s jingle was a work of art, the kind that grates on you, yet sticks in your head like glue (even kids remember the number easily for prank calls!).

So, we were tasked with bringing the brand visually up to date, getting it back on TV, digital, social and radio… all while honouring the jingle that built it. A simple and bold approach was needed with a clean, modern aesthetic that would become as familiar as the tune itself.

Character development was key to retaining a human connection - Introducing 'Jess'.

“Okay, Katy Perry just winked at me in her new ad and it felt okay… so yeah, you can keep the wink.”Murray McGrath | Managing Director, legend and die-hard Dockers fan

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