Sharp Microwave POS System

Sharp Microwave POS System

A visual wayfinding system built for retail

In a cluttered retail environment where most microwaves look alike – Silver, Black or White – the product features go from the very simple to the extremely complicated… 10 set menus, Convection, InvertorTechnology. With price points that vary drastically the microwave category is one of the more complicated sales in retail outlets.

Despite pioneering the invention of the rotating plate and continuing to evolve new features, Sharp microwaves had fallen behind its competitors. It needed to renovate its approach to retail with strong branding and smart self-guided navigation of it’s range.

Categorise & simplify the microwave range
Design a system of iconography for features and benefits
Help the Shopper align the step change in price to product features

SHOPPER LENS : What microwave is right for me?

Our challenge was to brand, educate and sell with minimal involvement from the retail staff

We developed:
• A branded header – to clearly identify us in the sea of black, silver and white boxes
• Product specific POS – to clearly communicate the features, benefits and price point
• POS panels – to show a journey from base to premium models along with the type of things you can cook in each
• Banner ads to get external interest and commence a shopper journey away from the retailer.


Sharp saw a dramatic rise in microwave sales as soon as the POS went into market. Store staff and managers initially apprehensive about the POS and reluctance to breach their retailers clean store policy found the POS aided the sales process ensuring people purchased the right microwave for their needs.

The POS was only expected to last a week or two instore due to the retailers clean store policy, however with the decals so bright and educational we are still seeing the POS up instore over 6 months later.Shifting human behaviour through solid, value-adding design

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