Nailing user-generated content in lockdown.

Over the pandemic lockdown period, many brands have released home-based, user-generated content to get their message of support out to stuck at-home consumers.

Some brands have successfully achieved this while others have well and truly missed the mark.

One brand that has nailed repositioning themselves and connecting with consumers over this period is Uber. They created a “pay per content piece” filmed from people’s homes during the lockdown. With lots of contributors it has some lovely content matched with an emotive music track that does engage.

However, it’s the tagline, “thank you for not riding with Uber.” that makes this ad a winner. This simple line shifts Uber from being the profit grabbing business often portrayed in the media to a good corporate citizen. Despite the harsh impact the lockdown will be having on its business and that of its drivers it’s the right thing for us all to do.