Occasion Marketing

With Easter and Mothers’ Day just around the corner, businesses should now be well underway to meet these occasion-based marketing dates.

Yet, there’s no need to stress.

Dynamix creates bespoke Easter Eggs and Bunnies for clients to distribute to staff and customers each year.

The chocolate is made in Australia and with local ingredients, however, the foil that wraps the chocolate and packaging are sourced and printed overseas.

With this in mind, our Easter Eggs take a small amount of planning and patience, in fact, we placed our foil order in September 2020 for slated delivery of the final chocolates to the client in the middle of this month.

Activations take time, don’t let them creep up on you without careful planning.

Get in touch with Dynamix today to find out more about occasion-based marketing at word@dynamix.com.au.

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