Knorr professional – Brown Sauces

Knorr Professional Brown Sauces

Launch & Global Rebrand

A rebrand of Knorr Professional was launching, and the ANZ market wanted to combine this with the rejuvenation of their Knorr Professional Brown Sauces gluten free range. The new range would make it so much easier for chefs to meet diner dietary demands.

The new Knorr Professional brand was all about chefs bring progressive – experimenting with new dishes, flavours and techniques.

But… it’s hard to be creative with the ever evolving diner demands – gluten free, vegan, vegetarian, flexitarian and so on. Chefs felt constricted. They viewed gluten-free as inferior and were frustrated by having to carry multiple solutions.

Knorr Professional responded to these needs by launching their newly rejuvenated brown sauces range. All gluten-free and bloody delicious! (an incredible feat, and miles ahead of the other gluey options in the market).

So, we decided to encourage chefs to pursue change and experiment once again, knowing their sauce would never be compromised.

Over the period of 3 months post launch in Australia, there was:
– 13% increase in orders placed
– 40% increase in product sold
– 39% increase in revenue

Begin your change at the sauce.

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