The Rise of Low to Non Alcoholic Drinks

During 2020’s global pandemic, the ‘home happy hour’ seemingly became the norm. And, as the year went on, the happy hour got earlier as homeschooling and WFH forced more people indoors.

Anecdotal commentary and alcohol sales numbers prove Aussies drank more than ever last year, but what’s the trend moving forward?

Global trends show a decrease in alcohol consumption per capita (even in countries facing their third hard lockdown) as well as a shift towards consumption of lower and non-alcohol alternatives, like seltzers and zero alcohol spirits, beers and wines.

Paving the way with big global advertising spends are Heineken and Pernod Ricard.

However, local brands including Nort, ALTD, Lyre’s Spirits, Sobah and McGuigan wines are pushing non-alcohol acceptance.

The McGuigan Zero range of four wines now made up 10 per cent of the sales of the entire McGuigan portfolio.

So, will our drinking habits actually change here in Australia or is this a temporary craze for those always looking for the “next thing”?

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